CatSanity The Card Game

CatSanity is a card game for 2 to 5 Players currently with an active Kickstarter campaign under play test.

CatSanity 2017 prototype box

Finally, a purrrfect game for cat lovers! CatSanity is a cute & zany family game about adopting furry feline friends.

It’s a surprising simple but nuanced game about matching sets of cards and foiling the other players.

CatSanity will delight you and your friends in this flippant frolic into feline fun…until Cthulhu has something to say about it.

Who will collect the best set of cats and win the day? Find out by bringing CatSanity home for your game night!

CatSanity 2017 prototype

CatSanity prototype from GameCrafter for play-testing 2017

Quick Start

New to playing CatSanity? Check out the quick start rules for 4-players!

Want to play with just 2 people? Try the faster 2-player setup!

Complete Rules and Scoring Examples

The Rules and Scoring Examples are posted and will be updated as the game is published. (The printed version has an even more detailed set of rules!)