CatSanity: The Card Game

Finally, a purrrfect game for cat lovers! CatSanity is a cute & zany family game about adopting furry feline friends.

It’s a surprising simple but nuanced game about matching sets of cards and foiling the other players.

CatSanity will delight you and your friends in this flippant frolic into feline fun…until Cthulhu has something to say about it.

Who will collect the best set of cats and win the day? Find out by bringing CatSanity home for your game night!

CatSanity Game Summary

During each turn, the Player usually chooses one cat to Adopt from the ALLEY into their HOME. When in the HOME all of your cats are visible for other Players to admire. Between the two types of cats, Sun Cats are safe and can score many points in certain sets, whereas Moon Cats will often provide you with special scores or power over your opponents, but they will also cost you some Sanity to bring HOME. Moon Cats also trigger “CatSanity! when all the cats in the ALLEY are Moon Cats, so you need to pay attention to how many are in the ALLEY at all times. When a “CatSanity!” occurs the game accelerates towards the end.

In many games, Players will eventually run out of Sanity because there is no way to recover Sanity Tokens. Once all Players are out of Sanity Tokens, or there aren’t enough cards left to restore the alley each Player will add up their score to compare the value of their cats to determine the winner.



CatSanity: The Card Game is a fast and fun family card game…with cats!


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