CatSanity Rules FAQ / Rules Clarifications

Where do the Sanity Tokens go when I lose them?

  • Although there is no formal rule on where to return Sanity Tokens when lost, often they are returned to the game box lid.

Do I get 50 points if I get 10 Chorus Cats?

  • No. The rule is that you get 25 points for 5 or more Chorus Cats. Getting 10 (which would require the use of Copy Cat) does not give you 50 points.

Can I use Copy Cat to Copy a Moon Cat?

  • No. The Copy Cat can only mimic Sun Cats.

Does the Copy Cat mimic ANY Twin Cat or a SPECIFIC Twin Cat?

  • When you Copy a Twin Cat you must declare one specific Twin Cat you are mimicking (A-H). Once chosen this cannot change.

Can I use the Copy Cat, Ninja Cat, Recall Cat, or Cat of Cthulhu abilities each/any turn or only when I first put them in my HOME?

  • Only when first put in your HOME. You only use the special abilities of most Moon Cats when you first put them in your HOME. After that round they provide no additional powers.

Do I have to yell out the words as described for the various steps? (e.g. “Meow!Meow!Meow!”)

  • Strictly speaking you do not have to, but wouldn’t it be more fun? You could also come up with your own house rules on what phrases to use if you think that might be more fun!

When applying the rule for Cat of Cthulhu do I use the number of Cats I have before or after I bring the Cat of Cthulhu in my home?

  • The number of Cats in your home AFTER you have picked up the Cat of Cthulhu is the number you will use to determine whether an opponent has more Cats than you.

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