Kickstarter Campaign suspended March 19 2020 due to COVID-19

It is with heavy hearts, and on the advice of our Business Cat*, that we announced the suspension of our “CatSanity: The Card Game” Kickstarter campaign on March 19 2020. Due to the changes that much of the world is going through right now with COVID-19 we believed that it was the best decision to halt our campaign.

As mentioned previously, a free print & play version of the game is available on our website for download and we will be extending the free download offer indefinitely. (Remember, if you still want to buy CatSanity today it is available on demand from The GameCrafter right now.)

WE WILL BE BACK on Kickstarter once this has calmed down around the world. We hope that you would consider backing us on re-launch.

Take care and stay safe and sane during these uncertain times!

Many thanks!

Adam Borg & the GiggleSnack Games team

(*Marshmallow, aka the cat on our Fibonacci Cat cards and GSG logo)

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